Citrus squeezer CUNILL

Citrus squeezers with a rotating filter cellulose Сunill with innovative design and exceptional performance - the most original in the line of electric models with a clamp.
Its design includes a removable sieve cone centrifuge, made of stainless steel.
The cone and the sieve is made without any joints or seams by casting, which ensures a mechanical reliability of the sieve and cone. The cone sieve is planted on a metal shaft with a built-in switch that turns off the rotation when in the juicer there is no product that serves as an additional protection against mechanical damage of the user. All connections between the shaft and the cone is also made from metal, with the result that the juicer runs without failures and wear.
The body of the juicer is made from heavy-duty plastic. The whole structure and the design of the model talking about her good performance.
Often this model is used at home, enjoying the quality, simplicity and reliability of a professional citrus squeezer.