About us

“Yugov & D” is Ukrainian company that specializes in coffee roasting.

Owing to its premium quality orientation, products of  “Yugov & D” always meet the highest quality standards, whether it is green or roasted, cereal or ground coffee. Green coffee is transported to the company straight from the plantations. Our long-term partnership with green coffee suppliers allows us to trace the origin and confirm the premium quality of your favorite coffee.

Coffee roasting is a slow process that is conducted by modern roasting machines (roasters), but in compliance with the longstanding traditions. For this purpose, we involved skillful roasters who fulfill their job on the professional level.

Coffee is roasted exactly in an amount that can be packed at once. For further packaging we use special bags equipped with valves that release excessive carbon dioxide (degassing valves) and prevent air ingress inside the bags.

Among the great diversity of coffee offered by company “Yugov & D”, you will find light roasted as well as dark roasted bouquets. Choose whatever you want according to your preference - cereal or ground coffee, bouquet of different coffee sorts or specific one, bags with 1000g or 250g capacity.

Our roast masters' professionalism, benevolence toward clients and flexible price policy will make your cooperation with us agreeable and beneficial!